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The person behind United Synergy

and its divisions Autism United Europe and Nutritionals United Europe

The person behind United Synergy Europe

Nancy Smets is the founder of United Synergy. Nowadays she lives in the southern part of the Netherlands, nearby the German and Belgium border, with her husband and their dog. Several years ago she set her first steps on the yoga path and this resulted in setting the intention to live a yoga lifestyle.

Quitting her job was one of the first major steps she took. She was fed up that in the end everything was about profit. she realized that she wanted a job in which she could do something that would be beneficial for others and not focuse on financial gain only.

She came up with the idea to start Autism United Europe. From her past experience in food supplements she knew that families, affected with autism spectrum disorder outside of the US, don't have an easy access to affordable quality supplements. Out of frustration, about the fact that some companies wanted to enrich themselves at the expense of those families, she searched for a solution.

The solution was Autism United Europe, collectively purchasing supplements in order to get better prices from the manufacturers. In this way she could help those families, affected with autism spectrum disorder, in helping their children.

"We all need eachother, that's what makes it work" - Brian E. Millerhelp


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